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Ferrari Owners' Club of New Zealand


Chris H

Owning a Ferrari is an absolute pleasure and being able to enjoy it with a group of like minded individuals has introduced me to some of the finest people you could ever meet. I have been involved with many clubs over the years and since joining the Ferrari Owners’ Club, first in the USA and […]

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Philip H

The reason we joined the Ferrari Owners’ Club was simple. If we had enough enthusiasm to want and to own a Ferrari, as part of fulfilling a childhood dream, then it was probable that other FOC members are similar. We were not surprised to find that most members fall into that category and the ability […]

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Dave T

We have been a member of the Ferrari Owners’ Club of NZ for over 10 years. Being a member of the Club  has been a great way to get to know other Ferrari enthusiasts, both in NZ and abroad. We have some very interesting members in the Club, along with a wide range of magnificent cars […]

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