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The Classico Chapter
The Classico Chapter is a group within the FOCNZ established in 2019 to promote the interest in Enzo Era Ferraris’. All Members of the FOCNZ are able to join this chapter. The FOCNZ is one of the first Clubs worldwide to establish a specific chapter to promote older Ferraris’. Classico is focused on creating a register of pre-August 1988 Ferraris’ (Enzo Era) in New Zealand. Classico hosts both social and technical events. These events are available to all Classico Members, whether or not you own an Enzo Era Ferrari. Classico fun runs will, however, be strictly limited to Enzo Era Ferraris’.

Raison d’être
The key reasons for establishing the group are to:

Inaugural Committee
The committee is made up of:
Paul Halford
Barrie Brown
Lionel Rogers
with Richard Rankin and Chris Hogg representing the Ferrari Owners Club.
Membership Requirements
The requirements for membership are:

Membership Fees
In order to maintain the level of activity that we envisage for the group, there will be a $50 annual fee in addition to the then current membership fees for the FOCNZ, effective January 1st, 2020.

Paul Halford
Ferrari Owners Club of New Zealand

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