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Ferrari Owners' Club of New Zealand

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The Ferrari Owners’ Club of New Zealand was founded in 1986 by a group of enthusiastic racers who originally wanted to create a Ferrari register. Since then the club has gone from strength to strength and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2011.

Today, as Ferrari car numbers have grown in New Zealand, membership has grown with 220 individuals plus partners, representing a significant percentage of the Ferrari cars in New Zealand.

Club activities focus more on social activities than racing, with members enjoying their cars at the many organised events held across the country.

The Club has a National Executive which co-ordinates activities within three regions: Auckland, Wellington and the South Island. Each of the regions operates a variety of events throughout the year including regular Sunday Fun Runs with lunch, Dinners, Track Days, Driver Training, F1 Viewings, Charity Events and many other social activities. Each region has its own Chairperson and committee as a contact point.

For Ferrari enthusiasts our Club is a great place to meet like-minded people.  Enjoy the “public” side of our website that provides some insight to the Club.

Membership Application

We welcome applications for membership and look forward to hearing from you. For a Membership Application Form click here.

Junior Membership Application

The Ferrari Owner Club encourages younger members who are Ferrari enthusiasts to join our Junior Register. Open to 10 to 16 year olds and requires a current member to sponsor an application. If no current member is known we will assist with an introduction. This is to ensure behaviour reflects responsibility and care around owners cars. For a Membership Application Form click here.

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