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Junior Membership

Junior Membership

Rhys Edward Bruce Madden born 14th July 2005

Rhys developed a passion for cars which started with his dad buying him matchbox cars.
He collected anything to do with cars, stopping after school each week to get the latest Auto Trader.
He met Peter at his dad’s work and remembered his dad telling him that Peter and I had a couple of Ferraris.
We knew of Rhys’ passion for Ferraris, so on his 8th birthday, Peter and I arrived to surprise him and his friends and took them for a ride in the cars.
On Christmas Day 2013 Rhys opened his greatest present ever, his membership to the Ferrari Owners’ Club and knowing how special this is, he almost cried according to his father.
According to Rhys, Ferraris are the best cars in the world and nothing else comes close.
His goal is to study Car Design at Massey University  and to learn Italian so he can work at Ferrari designing their cars.

Recently he has had a major disappointment in his life; his Dad bought a new car which wasn’t a Ferrari.

Rhys at Christmas


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